Brother and Sister Rachel & Michael writing about food. 

Rachel has worked in restaurants starting as soon as she was old enough to sling beer.  Working in every position from server/bartender to cook/dishwasher to manager.  She’s been a corporate trainer for a national restaurant chain, travelling around the country opening restaurants.  When being a mom interfered with the hours required of restaurant work, she took that love of food to the home kitchen and became a pretty darn good cook!  

With the kiddos growing up, travelling became important to our family and nothing brings a culture to life like the food.  She loves to try new local foods and new restaurants where ever she goes.

Want to read about her travels? 

Michael took a different route to the food industry…a degree in theater! He started working in restaurants not for the food, but because there was dinner and a show! He traveled all around working in dinner theaters and on cruise ships. If you have ever been in theater at all, you know it can be brutal and eventually even Michael (who is really good at it) got burnt out. But you know what’s always there for you??? Food!! Yep, he moved from serving to cooking to teaching. He also spent time as a corporate trainer for a different national restaurant chain (can you tell we both love to travel!). He has been on local television promoting cooking classes and now teaches at the newly opened Foodie School.

Check out the classes! The Foodie School

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