For my “+1” dinner on my Chops +1 reservation, I was kind of waivering between Jamie’s Italian and Hooked Seafood. Hooked is a fairly new concept so I have never been there before; and I do want to try it eventually, but since this cruise was supposed to be “All About Me!!” I decided to go to Jamie’s so that I could have my favorite pasta dish at sea.

Making my reservation was no problem. Right when I boarded, the dining experts were there and they got it all set up for my third (and final) night on board. In case you are keeping track, I skipped my second night’s dinner post. That was Chef’s Table and will be my next post…trust me, it deserves to be the Finale of this trilogy!

Jamie’s Appetizers

I have eaten at Jamie’s a few times previously (you can read about that here) so I was somewhat trying to work my way through the menu (in the name of research, of course!) mostly on the appetizer side, since there was no way I was not going with my favorite main course!

For my appetizer, I went with the Garlicky Prawns. It was the last of the appetizers on the menu that I hadn’t tried. And it was Garlicky! The prawns were good size and perfectly cooked. They were (for me) a tad too spicy, but I am a spice wimp so that doesn’t take too much! The ciabatta was hot and toasty and perfect for sopping up the garlic, herb, chili butter left in the bowl. The prawns themselves were served in the shell, which is fine, it doesn’t bother me, but they were HOT, steaming hot so it made them hard to peel without burning my fingers. Small challenges, but I persevered in the name of research!

And then moving on to entrees:

Jamie’s Entrees

So what you can do is order both a pasta and a main, but that would have been WAY too much food for me. But see that last one? Down at the bottom of the pasta list? The Truffle Tagliatelle? It looks so simple. And yet, it is life changing. If you do choose to order both a pasta and a main, the pasta will be a smaller portion…well, no way that was going to happen for me! This dish ranks in my top five all time, and I’ve had some damn good food in my life. This one is that good.

Truffle Tagliatelle

Look at all that creamy goodness!! Truffles can be hard sometimes to not overpower the dish, but this one is perfect. Cheese, cream, nutmeg, and just the right amount of shaved truffles. Unbelievable. I have no more words. It’s my kryptonite.

In addition, you can order a side:

Jamie’s Sides

Now really, who has sides with pasta? But I promised my son that I would always order Jamie’s Funky Fries. They are unexpectedly great.

Jamie’s Funky Fries

A good crisp outside, a soft creamy inside, a ton of garlic and Parmesan flavor. Really good. Although, to be completly fair…I had like two and then couldn’t eat any more.

For dessert…well, I don’t really like dessert. The last time I had eaten at Jamie’s, they had Affogato on the menu, but it was gone this time. So when I told my waiter that I didn’t want anything since they took off the Affogato, he made me an Affogato!!

Ice Cream and Hot Espresso…yum. And the perfect end to a lovely meal at Jamie’s Italian Table on Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas. Next up? Chef’s Table!! You should come hungry!

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