Well it has been a year. A year since my last cruise, and nearly a year since my last post here. I had grand ideas of catching up on all of my amazing dinners pre-pandemic but every time I started one, they sounded so silly with what was going on in the world. After a while the pandemic burnout set in and everything seemed harder to do.

So why are you hearing from me now? Well, I had COVID in December. It was a very mild case, one day of feeling absolutely terrible, then a few days of the most intense exhaustion I have ever felt. I literally (and I really mean that) could not keep my eyes open. I slept the better part of three days. After that, I felt fine…with one MAJOR exception. I lost all sense of taste and smell.

How does a foodie survive when food and drink bring no joy? If I am being honest, it was hard. Harder than I would have thought. I ate (I mean you have to really), but it was more because I knew I had to than any real desire to eat. I went nearly eight full weeks without being able to smell or taste anything, then slowly it started to come back. I am now nearly twelve weeks away from the first day I noticed I could not taste or smell anything and I think it is mostly back to normal, only slightly muted.

Today the world is slowly coming back to some form of normalcy. I have no idea what that looks like, but its something. Most importantly in my world, travel restrictions are easing. Slowly and with restrictions yes, but easing. So I am taking advantage where and when I can, because if I have learned one thing this year, its that food and travel heal my soul.

So I am off to Las Vegas, masked and vaccinated, for a quick long weekend. Las Vegas is still under some restaurant restrictions, reservations are required at all restaurants so I am booked at some great places. All of them new to me. Here are the meals I have on my schedule:

estiatorio Milos (lunch)
Bugsy & Meyers Steakhouse
Strip House Steak
Bardot Brasserie
Salt & Ivy or Primrose (brunch) – I have not decided yet.

So that is what is in our future. I am exceedingly hopeful that we will continue to move forward in easing travel restrictions, we have a trip to Paris coming up in September and I am optimistic. Until then, be kind to each other and find joy where you can. I plan to!

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