One of the things I do obsessively is bargain hunt. Otherwise, I would not be able to travel (and therefore eat) as much as I do. I am not a coupon clipper or anything that organized, but I will search for discounted gift cards or utilize rewards programs whenever I can. With that in mind, I read somewhere that Strip House in Planet Hollywood was actually run by Landry’s restaurant group! Well, I am a member of Landry’s Select, so I had a Birthday reward set to expire and there are several places that sell discounted Landry’s gift cards, so I made a reservation! Michael is always happy to try a new steakhouse so I knew he would be fine with whichever one I chose. In addition, I am staying at Planet Hollywood for an upcoming trip so I wanted to check that as well.

We grabbed an Uber from Michael’s hotel to PH…Yes, I know it’s not that far but to be fair, we had already walked 8+ miles that day and decided that if we were going to do any more walking, it would be after dinner. So we got dropped off and headed upstairs to the casino level. I have never spent much time at Planet Hollywood so I was interested to see what it was like. Lemmie tell you, its a party! Of course this was prime time Saturday night on the Las Vegas Strip right after St. Patrick’s Day so that may have had something to do with how busy it was, but man it was busy…and loud!

But then, we moved one flight up to where Strip House is located, and it was MUCH quieter. We were shown to our table immediately and it was the worst table in the restaurant. Right at the entrance to the kitchen with servers, bussers, etc. walking by with trays of food going out and dirty dishes going in. I really have a hard enough time concentrating without all that noise, but we stayed put (although Michael & I did switch seats).

We were given disposable paper menus, unlike most places that have moved to the QR code and only give out paper menus by request. First up, Drinks!:

I had the Winter Sangria to start…Michael had a martini…again. The seasonal Cosmopolitan was a Peach Cosmo, which looked interesting, but when I chatted with our server about my likes/dislikes, she suggested the sangria instead. Good call, it was delicious…when it finally got to us!

Okay, so the drinks took FOR.EVER! We found out eventually that the bar was out of clean martini glasses and so they were waiting for more before making Michael’s drink. I know what you’re thinking…why do I have to suffer because we are waiting on Michael’s drink?? Right?

Then on to our food order:

We were not hungry enough to warrant appetizers, not that that has stopped us before, but there was nothing really calling us on the appetizer menu so on we went to entrees. I ordered the filet with Béarnaise and the famous Strip House Potatoes as my side. Michael ordered the filet as well, but with truffle butter and herbed French fries as his side. The bread service was pretzel bread, which was AMAZING!! That’s also part of the reason we didn’t order any appetizers I think.

While we waited, we had some time to take in the ambiance. It is very dim, a lot of black lacquer and red walls. Vintage pictures of early 1920-40’s movie stars are the only art work inside the restaurant. On the column below, see that wallpaper?

Pretty, yes? Well when you are close enough to see the detail, here is what you see:

Up close, it reminded me of the mud flaps on the backs of 18-wheelers, but overall its a pretty cool touch. I liked the décor just fine, although it was fairly dark and pretty loud. Unfortunately, that had more to do with the tables around us than the aesthetics of the restaurant.

We ordered a second round of drinks and our server did not wait for a martini glass this time, just served it in any old glass she could find. I have been assured that it did not effect the taste in the least. Then our meal arrived.

Yep, it most certainly was as good as it looks. Perfectly cooked steak, those unbelievably amazing potatoes, and a solid creamy béarnaise. Michael’s steak was cooked perfectly as well and that truffle butter was to die for. So many “truffle” flavored items rely on truffle oil, which I do not like very much. This butter, you can see the flecks of truffle in the butter and the difference between the processed oil and the fresh truffle used here is night and day.

After dinner, there was no way we were going to be able to get dessert…which is a shame as they are famous for their 24 Layer Chocolate Cake. However, I am headed back in May…maybe I’ll try it then!

Our final bill before tip was $237.34 which is already a bargain for us, but remember back up at the beginning, the part about the discount gift cards? Well I had $150 in Landry’s gift cards that I had purchased for $135 so I used those for another $15 off! Well worth the price and the food is delicious! Our server was fun and engaging and kept her cool despite another table absolutely berating her because they were not happy about something.

Would I eat there again? Absolutely…just not at that one table by the kitchen!

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