This dinner was actually the one I was looking forward to the most on this Las Vegas trip. I love me some French food and wine and I was super excited about eating here, but I want to stop and talk about our lunch decision on this day, as it does affect my dinner later in the evening.

We were slotting around a few of the MGM resorts and we were at NYNY when we decided to eat lunch. Due to COVID capacity restrictions, many of the restaurants had quite a wait. One that didn’t was Gonzalez Y Gonzalez, a Mexican restaurant with a huge tequila menu.

Now Mexican food is not my personal favorite, but I can certainly find something to eat pretty much anywhere (and who doesn’t like chips and queso!). However, if you know me you know that I don’t touch tequila ever. And there is a very good reason for this, I am allergic to it, I break out in pregnant. However here I was, at a Mexican restaurant in Las Vegas, and I thought, “Why not? You don’t have to drive, you are certainly not getting preggo at 49, just have the margarita!” And I did, and it was delicious! BUT! The second side effect to my tequila allergy is what is does to my memory. It completely blanks out after one drink. I am not drunk, I am still in control of myself, but the entire night is erased from my memory as if it never happened.

So, while I know that I did in fact eat at Bardot (I have pictures), and I believe that it was delicious (I asked my brother and he said I loved it!), these pictures that follow are the only reason I know I ate there as it is completely gone from memory. And now I am back on the “No Tequila” wagon. Memories are why I travel. Margaritas are a small price to pay!

So here you go. My meal in pictures, without commentary because I don’t remember anything about this meal. Still…pictures are worth a thousand words, no?

No idea what cocktail that is, but based on my personal taste and the color of the drink, I am guessing it is a Lilet and something.

French Onion Soup


Escargot the inside.

Michael’s “bloody” steak.

My “On Point” Filet Rossini. This was my first taste of this “Rossini” style dish, but I assure you that even though I do not remember this particular dish, I have had it since and it is spectacular! Filet topped with seared fois gras and garnished with black truffles. Absolutely delicious!

So there you have it. My cobbled together dinner at Bardot Brasserie. I will absolutely go back and try again, I have heard so many amazing things I have to give it another go. Maybe this time without the tequila!

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